Chris Parker

The City Fox and others in our community
Published by Urbane Publications 2015.


A collection of what have been described as ‘engaging, emotive and

thought-provoking poems’ that explores the relationship between community,

communication and learning. A series of interrelated stories introduce a range

of characters and settings, and contrast the challenges of the human search for identity, meaning and purpose with the synergy, simplicity and silence of Nature in the city. 


Praise for The City Fox:

‘I began reading Chris Parker twenty years ago. He was amazing then and he is amazing now.
                                                                              Geoff Thompson. BAFTA Award winning screenwriter.

‘Worth reading for the gems.’
                                             Professor Stephen Chan. O.B.E.


  Copyright © Christopher Parker


‘Chris Parker’ s poetry speaks to the constant complexity that cannot be overcome. The City Fox is both brain-wise and mindful.’
                                                                                                        John Sullivan. Psy. D.  Co-author, The Brain Always Wins.

Chris Parker