‘A thought-provoking read which is both entertaining and educational. Anyone interested in making their way in business – whether in hospitality or any other sector – cannot fail to be inspired.’
                                                                                                                       Janet Harmer. Caterer and Hotelkeeper magazine.

Five Essential Ingredients for Business Success
Stories & Lessons From Three Of The UK’s Greatest Restaurants.
Published by Ardra Press. 2012.

The  book is the result of a two year in-depth study of:
The Waterside Inn, Bray (3 Michelin stars)
Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, Oxfordshire (2 Michelin stars)
Gidleigh Park, Devon (2 Michelin stars)

The book identifies the essential business principles and practices, skills that underpin business success not just in hospitality and catering, but in every industry.

The restaurants (all with rooms) granted me unparalleled access to their behind-the scenes operations as well as letting me  observe their interactions with guests and interview key members of staff repeatedly over a two year period.

The book is divided into two parts.

The first is a collection of teaching stories about the three restaurants, highlighting business lessons specific to each. These transferable lessons include such topics as: the role environments play in creating influence; the importance of recruitment, selection and induction in creating a consistent corporate image and exceptional customer service; leadership; creativity.

The second half of the book is an equally engaging and thought-provoking discussion of the five ‘Essential Ingredients’. These begin with, ‘Find your passion and then build an enduring cause’ and conclude with, ‘Understand the totality of the customers’ experience and then exceed their expectations throughout.’

Praise for Five Essential Ingredients



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Chris Parker

‘This book provides unique insights! It will educate, entertain and inspire everyone who works, or is aspiring to work, in hospitality and catering and beyond.  It combines valuable insights into what it takes to be successful in our industry, with inspirational stories, practical advice and guidance. And, incredibly, it does it all in a way that also makes it valuable to people aiming to achieve brilliance in other industries! ’
                                                                        Giancarlo Princigalli, Restaurant Manager, Alyn Williams at The Westbury.

Chris Parker