Influence book launch

This was a great event and a lovely night at The Cross Keys pub in Nottingham. The film

includes my wonderful publisher Matthew Smith making a great speech, the guests all

testing their ability to read emotions on a person’s face, and a little hypnosis.




The Cloud Factory

This is a poem about the Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station, situated a few miles south of

Nottingham. It was inspired many years ago when I was driving past, taking two

young boys to see their seriously ill father who was in hospital in Leicester. ‘Look,’ said

the youngest boy, pointing at the smoke pouring out of the cooling towers, ‘it’s the cloud




The City Fox

This is the final poem in The City Fox collection. It was filmed on the spur of the moment

when I was in working in Coventry on a very different project with my good friend and

hugely talented filmmaker Steve Reynolds. Steve filmed and edited all of the films

available here.


Just say it

During the Scottish independence referendum I was asked to write and record a poem

expressing why I believe we are better together. I was keen to produce something that

would meet the brief whilst also saying something more about the importance of

relationships. To see the result click on the link below.. I’m thrilled by the fact that, with

just a slight change, the poem has been read as part of several wedding ceremonies.



The Unlimited Podcast is the brainchild of the incredibly lovely Stu Williams. We met

for lunch in one of my favourite Indian restaurants, Malik’s in Cookham Berkshire,

and then spent much of the afternoon sat in my car talking about The City Fox.


  Copyright © Christopher Parker

Chris Parker