Copyright © Christopher Parker

Chris Parker


Human remains

like bones
are left behind.

Those laying open to the elements
are kicked, picked and rearranged
used as spikes or signposts
turned into intellectual playthings and pathways
bounced between ever-expanding possibilities
or threaded into an already over-ripe perspective.

Others sink below the surface
reaching the deepest strata
settling there
creating over time
layers of certainty
solid as prison walls
necessary as air.

The most powerful few,
rare, well crafted shapes
offering both foundation and fortune,
become the rich vein of passion and fortitude.

like bones
are left behind;
easy to forget
in the swill of sound.


Mouth to mouth

Words travel on the breath
varied as clouds
changing atmosphere and mood
casting shadow, creating life


rushes excited words
barely formed, tumbling, crashing
scrambling for traction

fires a shout into the atmosphere
softens a whisper beneath the door frame
raises the question
lowers the command

shapes the rhythm of your teaching
shares your sigh
makes your passion gasp

we have lain together curved as one
in perfect union
an island undiscovered by all the rest
and still

words travel on the breath

just like a kiss

just like a bomb