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‘It’s not simply a ‘how to’ book, there are plenty of those on the shelves already. It’s an overview of the whole notion of campaigning, a process that Mr Barnard and his co-author Chris Parker believe can be applied not just to politics, but to all aspects of our lives...Here is a long-overdue explanation of the power of narrative, which the authors define as the shortest possible story that explains what you want to change and why. We hear how this works through the words of campaigning veterans...This book is a timely contribution to the debate about how to conduct politics in the 21st century, and I recommend it to all those who want to roll their sleeves up and join the hurly-burly.’
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Campaign It!
Achieving Success Through Communication

Published by Kogan Page 2012.
Co-author, Alan Barnard.


This book introduces and demonstrates a new, unique and complete

approach to communication for change – the Campaign It! model.

It is a model based on the work of leading campaigner Alan Barnard, former Director of Campaigns and Elections for Tony Blair’s Labour government and former Head of Campaigns and Research at The Football Association. The model is transferable to any sphere of life. It is tried and tested. And it works.

Simply put: to achieve change and be successful you always have to inform, persuade and gain agreement from significant people and organisations. The Campaign It! model enables you to do this powerfully and positively.

Campaign It! is filled with examples and stories from successful campaigns, including insights from leading figures from the worlds of business, media, politics, sport and entertainment. We also discuss the philosophy, attitudes, principles and skills needed to be an effective campaigner and provides a unique and compelling definition of what makes a cause so powerful.

Praise for Campaign It!:

Chris Parker

‘This is a book about the art – and the science – of campaigning.  And it starts, rightly, not with the campaigners but with the most important parts of the equation – the cause, and the audience.  Learning the lesson of knowing clearly what you want to say, and then thinking about the impact it’s going to have on those you’re talking with: this is at the core of this very useful, very practical book... The willing reader will find it invaluable.’
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Lord Chris Smith